DragonBall Z Little Fighter

The Dragon will awake from his slumber again...



Welcome to the DragonBall Z Little Fighter website! This site is dedicated to the DragonBall Z Little Fighter Mod that is currently in progress. We will keep you updated on the progress and updates of the mod and in the future we hope to release a beta for everyone to try out.

News and updates


 We need more team members

The team is having some difficulties with handling things mainly in the spriting division. We could use more spriters for new backgrounds in the game. All of us are brainstorming on stages.

We need spriters who can do the following backgrounds: 

World Tournament (Replace HK Coliseum)

Planet Namek 

Snake Way 

To register as a Team Member email us at oman1990@msn.com or vishwesh_tewari@hotmail.com but you must send in some of your spriting work in order for you to qualify. If you are accepted we will send you a notification message and immediately give you an assignment.  



We have a new forum now at http://dbzlittlefighter2.createmybb2.com/


Some things to Expect

Thanks to DCers, Zabobula and Vktewari, you'll be experiencing some real DBZ action sounds in this Little Fighter mod. Most of the original LF2 sound were replaced by DragonBall Z sounds to give it a real authentic feel to it. So that's one thing to expect.

The title screen is currently under development by LF2-Hacker and it's looking good so far. We'll be posting some screenies soon.

Music in the stage modes are a possibility but it's a very small possibility considering how large the file size would be if this gets implemented in the game. We are not ruling it out but it's just something to consider as of now.

New Team Mates! 

Hukko from LFE was added to our Data Changing Team. Now if we can find something for him to work on. We could actually use more members to speed up the development process. If you are an experienced Spriter or DCer contact us and send us some of your work and you could be added to the team.

No Date to Countdown...yet

There is still no confirmed date of release for this mod. Hopefully before the end of this year we'll be able to get our hands on it. And hopefully before the end of this month we can get a beta out to the public. Krillin seems kinda lonely down there. As of now, Krillin is going to have to do until our people from the spriting crew get some stuff down.


Currently the mod is under much spriting and DCing progress by our team members.

But here is a small taste of what is to come from this mod. Krillin is now available for download on our progress page. Also go to our progress page to see who is in the works.  

More updates will be available soon.